Tips for Attendees


The planners and organizers of the St. Croix Food & Wine Experience and the St. Croix Foundation are deeply appreciative of the support that attendees provide to the events and our community. As our annual fundraiser, we wish for every guest to enjoy their time and ask that you remember:

If you have an allergy to specific foods, please use great caution before tasting treats.

Vendors are asked to post ingredients and dish names, but it’s important to remember that breezy island winds can blow away a sign. In addition: please note that locals on St. Croix often refer to “vegetarian” as a dish that may contain fish (but no other meat products).  Those allergic to seafood of any kind should take special note.

Wine and Spirits are at Every Event

Plan a safe ride home if you plan to partake! Please contact the St. Croix Foundation if you need assistance with locating a taxi or visit here for a list of local transportation.

Drink Responsibly! Learn more about your Drink IQ today.